Massage methods is diversified about form and methods of different countries, helping you relax your whole body, listen to your body and refuel with active spirits.

1. Asian blend massage | Price from 500,000 VND

  • Relax and enhance vitality by the integrative oriental touch of full body massage includes scalp, hands and feet with acupressure techniques.

2. Aromatherapy | Price from 490,000 VND

  • Relax deeply by therapeutic techniques of full body, the massage treatment and scalp massage.

3. Swedish massage | Price from 490,000 VND

  • Relax aching muscle, stimulate the circulation and elimate toxins by the European traditional full body massage technique.

4. Thai massage | Price from 560,000 VND

  • Relax muscle and feel cheery by strong cracking massage using both palm and thumb force on pressure points over the whole body.

5. Hot stone treatment | Price from 570,000 VND

  • Relax muscle, remove blockages and dissolve stress by the Tibetan’s techniques with hot stones.

6. Back & shoulder massage | Price from 360,000 VND

  • Relieve tension and ease the muscle by a riving upper body massage focusing on key areas.

7. Hot herbal massage | Price from 570,000 VND

  • Reduce joint, muscle pain, blood circulation, improve blood turnover by the combination of massage and vapor emanating from herbal.

8. The Red Dao herbal bath | Price: 190,000 VND

  • Recover health after hard work, physique wearily, weather change, headache, hoarse, pain limb…

9. Milked rose bath | Price: 290,000 VND

  • Revive skin, resistant to polluted environment, rejuvenate skin, keep it smoother and softer.

10. Indian head treatments | Price: 350,000 VND

  • Deeply relax massage concentrate on areas around the neck, shoulder and head.

11. Chinese oriental | Price from 560,000 VND

  • Heal muscle pain, promote circulation, toxins release by the traditional techniques inherited from China and acupressure.

12. Bamboo massage | Price from 780,000 VND

  • Relax muscle, remove blockage and dissolve stress by hot bamboo bar.