Keeping yourself comfortable and energetic is a needed thing for every trip. Do not forget to visit Legend Spa to enjoy the time of purifying the body, to be healthy, to be the most beautiful in the misty town.

1. Couple Shampoo | Price: 180,000 VND

  • Professional massage and shampoo by using high-quality shampoo & the conditioner, make feel refreshed and clean.

2. Normal Shampoo | Price: 150,000 VND

  • Help your hair strong and smooth, revive the hair by skilled technique.

3. Jacuzzi | Price: 100,000 VND

  • Stimulate blood circulation, ease back pain, neck pain, improve health.

4. Sauna | Price: 100,000 VND

  • Relax, relieve stress, purify the body, eliminate toxins, remove excess fat.