Understanding the importance of exfoliating, Legend Spa provides you with a variety of natural ingredients to remove dead skin cells, promotes the regeneration process and beautify the skin of the whole body.

1. Vietnamese green tea scrub | Price: 490,000 VND

  • Cleanse and moisture the skin by green tea, sea salt and coconut oils.

2. Coffee scrub | Price: 490,000 VND

  • Increase lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxic deposits, make skin soft and smooth by coffee, fresh milk, vitamin E cream, and soothing natural oils.

3. Oat & almond moisturizer scrub | Price: 490,000 VND

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells without feeling abrasive; restore moisturizing, make the skin softer, smoother by calcium & iron compound.

4. Mineral mud bath | Price: 490,000 VND

  • Moisturize the body, anti-aging to relax muscle and joints; make you completely refreshed and stress-free.